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Employment at Aldi

Aldi is a German-based grocery store chain that operates from many countries across the globe. The name Aldi is an abbreviation of the company’s original name, “Albrecht Discount”, named after the founders of the company. There are currently more than 8000 Aldi supermarkets worldwide, making it one of the largest grocery store chains in the world. Aldi employs hundreds of thousands of workers, and is always looking for talented, motivated individuals to join their team and keep its stores running smoothly. If you are looking for a job in a grocery store, why not complete an Aldi employment application today?  Aldi careers are designed to last!

Aldi is much more than a simple grocery store chain. Aldi offers great opportunities and it is an ideal place to work. There are numerous Aldi stores across the United States but also in Asia and Europe. Aldi is very well known for keeping its employees very happy and offering great opportunities for employment and advancement.

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Aldi Online Job Application

The Aldi job application process has recently been shifted online, meaning that you can now apply for a job from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is visit the Aldi careers site and download the Aldi job application form to get started.
Aldi Careers

Minimum Age for Employment at Aldi

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at Aldi. This rule applies to entry-level Aldi careers. However, management or specific positions require the applicant to have certain experience in the field. This might result in a higher age requirement, of 24 and above.

Aldi Hours of Operation

Although Aldi hours differ slightly from one location to the other, the following schedule applies for most locations:

Mon – Sun:  9am – 9pm

Applicants for Aldi careers are expected to work past store hours. In other words, even if the Aldi store hours are between 9 AM and 9 PM, workers are expected to show up before to prep the store and stay longer to close it.  Employees with the warehouse department might be expected to work nightshifts or longer hours to ensure that all Aldi supermarkets are stocked at all times.

Entry-Level Aldi Careers

Many of the jobs at a grocery store such as Aldi are entry-level positions that require no previous work experience. As an entry-level worker, you will be required to assist customers with queries, ring up purchases, stock shelves and keep the store tidy. You can complete an Aldi application online to apply for any of the following entry-level job titles:


Customer Service Associate

Grocery Clerk

Stock Clerk 


Entry-level Aldi jobs get snapped up quickly, so don’t delay – complete an Aldi online application as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed.

Entry-level cashiers at Aldi usually receive hourly pay that starts around minimum wage but will increase with experience. Aldi mostly pays its employees above the standards set by the industry, with a $15 an hour on starting wage.  The company also offers its employees, along with the higher salaries, competitive benefits packages. Employees are offered 401k retirement plans, dental insurance and medical coverage.

Aldi also offers its employees paid holidays and vacation time. There are opportunities for career advancement for cashiers which may get promoted to managerial positions with continued employment and experience. Aldi offers great job opportunities for workers who wish for an entry level position in the growing and very successful supermarket chain that has over 1,000 locations in 31 states.

You can make a good first impression by knowing a few things about Aldi during the interview. The supermarket was founded in 1913 and has a very long history of offering its customers numerous affordable products. Aldi was founded in Germany by the parents of Theo and Karl Albrecht.

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Aldi Careers in Management

Management careers at Aldi are currently available for applicants who have experience in the retail industry and have worked as a manager or supervisor for at least 2 years in a similar company. You may also be eligible for a job as a manager after working for some years in an entry-level position at Aldi.  Aldi Careers home page

The following management opportunities are currently available:

Assistant Store Manager

Store Manager

Shift Manager

Order Selector

District Manager 

Complete an application for Aldi management careers today to take your first step on a lucrative career path.

Clerk – Job Description and Duties

Aldi offers fantastic career opportunities for store clerks. Workers may apply for this entry level position at a local store or online. There are a lot of openings for this entry level job across many Aldi stores in the United States. College and high school students, retirees and part time job seekers should seriously consider working for the Aldi supermarket.

The responsibilities for the store clerk usually include making sure that customers are satisfied, keeping the work environment clean, stocking the shelves and operating cash registers. Additional responsibilities include understanding how to properly store and handle grocery products and unloading shipment trucks. The duties of store clerks also include providing customers with information regarding store promotions and daily specials.

The hiring managers seek workers with great work ethics, friendly and positive attitudes and interest to learn and to provide great customer service. Some other requirements that you should be aware of before you submit your Aldi application include great communication skills, outstanding organizational skills and excellent time management skills.

Salary and Compensation for Store Clerks

The compensation for store clerks is competitive for new hi-res and include very attractive financial benefits. Recently Aldi has announced starting wages of $15/hr for store positions and $19/hr for warehouse positions.  Motivated workers have a chance to be promoted to supervisory positions. Aldi provides its employees with great healthcare benefits as well. Workers will get vision, dental and medical insurance options. The store will also provide training programs for those who wish to become district managers, store managers and for those who seek Aldi careers in the corporate offices.

Manager – Job Description and Duties

Big supermarket chains such as Aldi need mentors and leaders that will guide its employees in order to make sure performance is maintained at optimum levels. Store managers will often delegate tasks and jobs to subordinate workers. Store managers will also interview Aldi applicants and will hire them for the positions that are open inside the stores.

Mediating skills, respect and excellent communication abilities are requirements for people who wish to apply for a management position with Aldi. The individuals currently employed at Aldi that are very serious about their careers have the best chance to be employed as store managers.

Salary and Compensation for Manager Positions

All candidates for store manager positions must take part in an entry lever store manager trainee program. The program will teach potential employees about performing every day activities inside the store from deliveries to customers to employees and office work as well. Aldi managers will earn more perks and benefits with the added responsibilities.

Managers can gain access to a 401k retirement plan, vacation time, paid holidays and medical insurance. The salary options for store managers inside the Aldi supermarket range from $45,000 to even $80,000. These pay scales depend on the experience and the performance of the employee.

Basic Tips when apply for Aldi Careers

Staff at Aldi’s play an essential role in the operation of this successful grocery store chain, and the Aldi application process is a great way to become a part of Aldi’s success. There are a number of ways to apply for a job at Aldi – you can apply in person by visiting any Aldi store near you and submitting your resume to the general manager. Alternatively, you can apply at one of Aldi’s regular hiring events – visit their website to find out when the next hiring event is coming to your neighborhood. Finally, you can also apply by downloading and completing the Aldi employment application online.

Make sure you clearly state all the certifications and the experience that you have when you are going to fill the Aldi application form. You should make sure you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other applicants that desire the same job. Make sure you present all of your talents and skills. The best time to show off all your skills and talents is when you are filling the Aldi application. You should let the hiring staff at Aldi know exactly what you’re capable of.

Make sure you don’t leave any blanks on your Aldi application. If you don’t know exactly how to answer some of the questions, simply fill in “Will discuss at interview”. Before you submit your Aldi application, make sure you’re aware that you won’t be able to work in the supermarket if you’re not at least 18 years of age. When filling the Aldi application you should take your time in order to make it accurate and neat. Double check all the information provided and make sure you don’t miss anything. Include any copies of certificates you may have in order to stand out even more.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Aldi

If you are looking for management opportunities, you can also find an Aldi application online. Make sure that along with your cover letter that you also include your resume. You should check your cover letter and resume making sure they are up to date. Include any educational degrees and work history you may have. Give your resume in person to the manager in your local Aldi location. You can do this by bringing a copy to the interview.

This will show the hiring staff at Aldi that you have initiative. This will also give you a chance to make a great first impression with your potential co-workers. Dress properly if you decide to apply for one of the Aldi jobs in person. Do not hesitate to admit your lack of training or shortcomings as honesty is always appreciated.

Aldi Application Status

You should hear back from the company within two weeks from submitting your Aldi application. You can check the status of the job on the official site (by seeing if it is still listed in the job search). Alternatively, you can follow-up with a call at the store that you applied for. If you decide to give a call to the hiring manager you should make sure that you do not call during breaks. Be polite and remind the HR manager about your interest in the job.

Another solution would be to visit the store in person. This is probably the best way to reassure the manager of your interest in the position. You can print out the Aldi jobs and employment form once again and submit it in person. Simply reminding the manager of your Aldi application will increase the chances of getting hired.

Benefits of Aldi Careers

Aldi offers its employees great rewards for working with them, and their benefits package is one of the best in the industry. Depending on your job position and experience, you may be eligible for comprehensive medical insurance, paid vacation leave, and a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

Employees who work 20 hours or more at Aldi are eligible for great job benefits packages. Those who are working the minimum hours-per-week required by Aldi will receive extensive vision, dental and medical coverage, life/disability insurance plans, 401k plans for retirement, paid vacation and holiday pay. Both full time and part time employees will receive paid training, complimentary nametags and product discounts after getting hired.

Non-wage benefits aside, you will also benefit from competitive pay and bonuses. The working environment at Aldi is fast-paced and interesting. It can represent a perfect opportunity for meeting new people that can help you forward your career and better your skills.

Aldi Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The hiring process at Aldi takes a little time to complete. Applicants will spend around two weeks on average filling out various hiring forms and attending interviews for employment consideration at Aldi. The grocery store chain usually implements three different stages of hiring, including some interviews with its department directors and district managers. The interview procedure may start with a call for recruitment or the potential employees may receive only an invitation to start the face to face interviews with the hiring staff at Aldi.

After the initial Aldi hiring process stages, applicants will move on to face to face sessions in order to determine the qualifications for employment. Aldi may conduct one on one or group interviews. The group interviews may be conducted by multiple managers. The somewhat long interviews with up to 15 other potential employees are intended to better determine the abilities of the workers to interact with others. One on one interviews are intended to better screen professional traits and unique abilities.

Entry level applicants may only need to take part in one job interview, depending on the worker’s previous experience. Some Aldi stores will only look for entry level applicants with past experience in the retail or grocery store industry and will hire appropriately. Positions like grocery clerk or cashier only take a week to interview sometimes and feature no more than two sessions of hiring.

Applicants will usually only have to respond to general and very basic questions because of the usually informal nature of the Aldi interviews. Some frequent questions may include: “Have you ever worked at a supermarket before”, “Do you have any questions for us before we conclude the interview?” and “Why do you want to work for Aldi?” Make sure to ask questions regarding the company culture and job duties and operations as it will show that you are interested in the job and this may also differentiate you from others.

Some specific questions during the hiring process at Aldi will cover personal interest, education history and some scenarios based on grocery and retail work environments. Some specific entry-level questions may include: “Why do you think you deserve the position?”, “Say you have stock to put out, a spill to clean up, and a customer asks you a question: how do you go about addressing all of these issues?” and “What specific responsibility do you think will prove hardest for you?”

You should wear formal attire when attending the interview for most Aldi positions. Aldi likes to promote professionalism and insists that its employees should wear appropriate clothing and maintain the same appearance all the time. Grocery store associates will spend a lot of time interacting with customers and should show great communication abilities during one on one interviews, as well as group interviews. Make sure you speak on subject and freely. Don’t forget to show gratitude for the opportunity. Make sure you show willingness to work unusual hours because this will also set you apart from other candidates.

Aldi phone interviews don’t usually last more than a couple of minutes. Group interviews usually last from 45 minutes to an hour on average and one on one interviews usually take around 30 minutes. The hiring process may take up to four weeks. The final interview may be regarding the salary or hourly pay. The employees may receive job offers in the final interview or will have to wait for a call from Aldi which will determine the hiring status. That call usually comes a few days after the final interview.

Frequently Asked Aldi Interview Questions

Below you will find some of the most common questions that come up in an Aldi job interview. If you want to find interview answers from Aldi career applicants you can check out career forums.

Stock Clerk Interview Questions

  1. Can you work 40 hours?
  2. Did you graduate high school?
  3. Do you have transportation?
  4. This is a fast paced job, can you lift 40 pounds?
  5. Explain a situation where you had to deal with a difficult person.
  6. Why should we hire you?
  7. If we were to call your last employer, what would they say about you? How would they rate your performance?

Store Manager Interview Questions

  1. What type of punishment would be administrated to an associate who took a candy bar?
  2. What type of punishment would be administrated to an associate who took $20?
  3. What would your former employer say about you?
  4. District Manager Interview Questions
  5. Run me down your resume.
  6. What would you do if a store manager tries to take home a piece of store equipment for a friend to fix it?
  7. What would you do if an employee that has been with the company for 10 years with no previous problems took a candy bar when the store was very busy and had intentions to pay for it later?
  8. Tell me about a group project that was difficult to you.
  9. What did and didn’t you like about your previous job?
  10. Tell me about your education and experience.
  11. What is the most valuable skillet that you have gained through your extracurricular that you can transfer to the position you applied for?
  12. District Manager Trainee Interview Questions
  13. What makes you different?
  14. What was the job you liked the most in your career?
  15. Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision and it was not successful.
  16. What is one thing about the job you find unappealing?
  17. Talk about a time when you experienced failure in any aspect of your life, and what did you learn from it?

This concludes our Aldi careers guide. If you have further questions about the company’s working policies we recommend that you visit the official career page linked below. In addition to this, you can check out Aldi jobs interview and hiring experiences of other applicants at career sites or websites such as Glassdoor or SnagaJob. We wish you good luck with your Aldi application and welcome you to share your experiences with us.

Link to Aldi Careers Site

You can also access the Aldi Careers home page at Aldi Careers here.

You can visit the Aldi official site at

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