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The price-point retailer that was founded in 1982 and provides products at 0.99$ or less carries the name of “99 Cents only store”. The idea behind it belongs to David Gold, an innovative individual who wanted to offer better prices to people. It all started when David realized that whenever he put a “99 cents” sign on products, they would disappear in no time. At first, the owner only sold wines but he soon expanded to the retailing industry.

To gain more publicity, the store would put up expensive items for only 99 cents for the first people in line. The tradition has been kept to this day for the first nine people in line.   As if 99 cents wasn’t already a great price, in 2007, the company has decided to implement more flexible prices (like 69 an 49 cents). Managers believe that this would lead to better management of commodity prices. The corporation has its headquarters in Commerce, California but most of its stores can be found in Southern California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

After a tumultuous three years, the company was bought out by Ares Management and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Roughly 170 employees were laid off then, but the company finally reached stability once again. 99 cent stores are now hiring entry-level and qualified job-seekers who want to make a career in the retailing industry.  If you are looking for a job that really makes financial sense, then the 99 Cents Only Stores employment application could be the only thing that stands between you and a rewarding new career.

As the name suggests, 99 Cents Only Stores offer a great range of products that all cost less than a dollar! Products offered range from household products to beauty and makeup, and offer fantastic value for the money. 99 Cents Stores can be found across the country in close to 300 locations, and all of these stores are looking for staff to join their team.

Complete a 99 Cents Only Stores application online and you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll find a range of job opportunities that will suit you!  Before you submit your 99 cent store application you should definitely read this article. We will provide you with tips for specific job openings, interview advice, benefits and salary information.

Official site: 99only.com

99 Cents Only Stores Application

99 cents stores offer a wide array of products at unbeatable prices. It represents the shopping destination for frugal customers who are searching for every-day household items and fresh merchandise. It all started with one store, back in 1982, and grew to 350 extremely cherished 99 cent store locations scattered across the United States. There are plenty of opportunities for entry-level job-seekers. The 99 cent store application process is extremely simple. All you have to do is visit the official site and choose the type of position you wish to fill: retailing, logistics or corporate.

You will be presented with a short description of your responsibilities and duties. The jobs and employment form is the same for all jobs.  The 99 Cents Only Stores job application form can be downloaded and completed online at the 99 Cents Only Stores careers website. This means that all you need to apply for your next job is an Internet connection! You can find the 99 Cents Only Stores application by clicking on the link provided below.  You can also check with the 99 cent store locator for employment opportunities available near your location.

Minimum Age for Employment at 99 Cents Only Stores

How old do you have to be to work at 99 cent store locations?  You have to be at least 16 years old to apply. This rule applies for entry-level 99 cent store positions that do not require strenuous physical activity. Most 99 cents store careers require the applicant to stand at least 18 years old.

99 Cents Only Stores Hours of Operation

99 Cent stores operate by the same schedule as any other retailing store. Associates will be expected to show up before opening hours, and stay after closing hours to complete maintenance tasks.

Open daily from 8am – 9pm.

Entry-Level 99 Cents Only Stores Careers and Income

Available 99 Cent Store Jobs: sales associate, assistant manager, store manager, cashier, stock associate, warehouse assistant, distribution expert.

99 Cents Only Stores offer a variety of job opportunities that are suitable for a range of skills and experience levels. To apply for an entry-level position, all you need is to be at least 16 years old, and willing to work hard in a dynamic work environment. Entry-level careers are perfect if you have no previous work experience, or are looking for a part-time job.

There are several aspects that 99 store takes pride in. We are, of course, referring to customer satisfaction, cleanliness and accessibility. What the company is looking for are devoted, hard-working and upbeat individuals who are able to perform in different situations. Versatility is another trait that hiring managers will take into consideration, because associates will be required to perform various tasks such as stocking, customer service or finance.

Most employees begin their 99 cents only stores careers as sales associates or cashiers. Slowly, but surely, they can advance to higher position, and even become managers. It is no secret that 99 cents prefers to promote managers from within, so there are definitely opportunities to be had within the firm. Availability to work flexible hours is also appreciated.

In general, 99 cent store locations will mix traditional business concepts with supermarket store operation patterns to offer a great experience to the customer. Like most retailing companies, 99 only cent store locations also require associates to possess intercommunication skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular entry level and skill-based 99 cent store jobs.

99 Only Sales Associate / Clerk job: Also known as 99ers, workers at 99 stores usually start out as clerks. While this position is not considered particularly difficult, it requires several skills such as personal skills, ability to work long hours, basic maths, and versatility. Clerks most handle customer enquiries, find merchandise for them, describe products, maintain cleanliness and restock shelves. If needed, the clerk must also perform cashier responsibilities (ringing up sales, performing credit card operations etc.). If you want to increase your chances of being hired for a sales associate position you should highlight your problem-solving skills, intercommunication abilities, team work and product knowledge. Lastly, managers will always give preference to employees who are available to work night shifts or during holidays.

Salaries may not be the best on the market, but the non-wage benefits are definitely worth considering. The minimum hourly pay starts somewhere around 7.25-8.25$/hour. They will steadily increase with experience and continued employment. A qualified 99cent only store associate will also benefit from 401(k) retirement plans, health and dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, flexible spending accounts and many more. In addition to this, 99 store workers also receive uniforms, paid training, bonuses and paid days off. If you believe that the responsibilities and benefits of working at 99cents.com are what you are looking for, you should submit your 99 cent store job application now.

99 Only Cashier Job: Another entry level 99 stores position that you might be interested in is that of cashier. The job description and duties of a cashier include dealing with customers, ringing up sales, giving product descriptions, handling returns, stocking shelves and carrying out credit card operations. The position itself doesn’t carry a lot of hiring requirements. You must also learn about the company’s return policy and guidelines.

All you need to do is to display communication skills, availability and willingness to work hard. As far as salary and compensation is concerned, a cashier earns between 7.00 and 9.00 dollars per hour. If you have experience in the field you might go as high as 10.00-11.00$ per hour. Are you interested in a position as a cashier?  Send in your 99 cent store job application today!

The following entry-level positions can currently be applied for using the 99 Cents Only Stores online application:

Sales Associate 


Stock Associate 

99 Cents Only Stores Careers in Management

As with all retail stores, 99 Cents Only Stores also need managers to oversee the running of the store, train and hire new employees and communicate with corporate offices. Managers are required to have at least a high school diploma, as well as some previous work experience in retail management. If you meet these requirements, then why not complete a 99 Cents Only Stores job application for a management position?

Official site: 99cents.com

Management 99 Cents Only Stores Careers and Income

Despite the fact that 99 cent stores prefer to promote from within, it is always open to hiring new managers. Job-seekers applying for administrative positions should have extensive experience and education in the retailing industry. Managers are responsible with overseeing operations; therefore, a lot of responsibility is placed on their shoulders. Typical responsibilities include ordering inventory, monitoring sales, organizing employee schedules, making sure that customer satisfaction is met etc. In some situations, managers will have to perform sales associate and cashier duties. To be considered for an administrative position you must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, and have previous management or retailing experience.

Now let’s talk about the compensation aspect. Store managers at 99 Cents only stores benefit from competitive wages and great non-wage perks. Most salary options start at 30.000$ per year, and may increase to 80.000-100.000$ depending on experience. There are all types of management positions available with 99 Cents only in over 300 locations.

The following positions are available:

Assistant Store Manager 

General Store Manager 

Basic Tips for Applying at 99 Cents Only Stores

The application for 99 Cents Only Stores should only take a few minutes to complete, and is located online for your convenience. To get started, simply visit the 99 Cents Only website by clicking on the link provided below. You will need to have the following information available to complete the application: your social security number, contact details, details about your place of education and highest educational qualification, and contact details of a previous employer or someone else who is not related to you who can act as a reference.

There is also the option of visiting 99 cent store locations in order to secure a position. Hiring managers usually appreciate job-seekers who demonstrate a genuine interest in the store’s careers. Also, discussing with the hiring staff personally will help you create a good first impression and increase the chances of being called for a second interview. But let’s focus on the 99 cent store job application online.

When completing your application, take your time and make sure that you do not make any careless spelling or grammar errors. All the information you provide on your form should be completely accurate. And don’t forget to include your contact details so you can be invited in for an interview! The information required for the application is basic: education, background, experience and personal information. Based on your history the company will determine what position is suitable for you. At the bottom of the application you can write down the career you prefer, but hiring managers might choose another position for you.

Official site: www. 99only.com

Benefits at 99 Cents Only Stores

The company values its associates and know that proper motivation is what they need to perform at full capacity. 99 online stores offer incredible benefits to eligible associates. Employees in management and corporate positions at 99 Cents Only stores have access to some great job benefits. Benefits include comprehensive medical insurance, dental and vision plans, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, and paid vacation leaves to name but a few!

These are only a few of the many benefits. Let’s take a look at all of them:

– Supplemental life & Accidental death insurance: if you think that you require more insurance, you can also enlist for the Supplemental life and accidental death insurance (AD&D) for yourself and your family.

– 401(k) savings & retirement plan: The 99 stores office believes that a retirement plan is very important for its employees. For this reason it will offer one of the best 401 (K) retirement plans in the retailing industry.

– personal days, paid holidays, vacations, credit union membership, direct deposit, sick time, discounted tickets to major attractions, weekly pay cycle and merchandise discount programs.

– Medical & Dental insurance PPO and HMO plans are offered for 99 only store employees from Texas, Nevada and California. Also, DHMO plans are also available from Delta Dental.

– Vision Service Plans (VSP): for Nevada, Texas, Arizona and California associates

99 Cents Store Job Application Status

The first thing you should know is that the company receives hundreds of job applications every week, so you must exercise patience. In general, the 99 cent store application process takes several days. If you feel that too much time has passed without receiving individual consideration you can check your app status. A good idea would be to personally visit the 99 cent store near me. By doing this you will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in a position with the company and may receive immediate consideration.

In addition to this, you could follow-up with a phone or email. The 99 cent store job application online must include up-to-date information about your contact details. The application should come with a cover letter or resume, to increase the chances of being considered for the job.

99 cents store phone number: available on www.99only.com

99 Cent Only Store Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

Ninety nine Cent stores offer hundreds of job opportunities for both entry-level candidates and qualified individuals. After you submit your 99 cent store job application you have to prepare for your interview. You may receive an interview in two to 14 days. In general, 99 cents only stores look for employees in cashier, stock associate and customer care available positions. In general, the hiring office will schedule one-on-one interviews with a store manager.

Before the interview you must remember to bring all necessary employment forms. For most applicants, a one-on-one interview is enough to determine if they are qualified for the position, but you may also be requested to join team orientation sessions or undergo probationary periods before being considered an official member.

The company’s vision is reliability and high-quality services. For the interview you must dress accordingly. This means that you should go for a business or business-casual attire. Of course, punctuality is also something that 99 stores value. Make sure you show up for your interview at least 5 to 10 minutes earlier. The complete hiring process may take anywhere from a single week to 14 days.

During the interview you will be asked regular questions about your education, background and retailing experience (if any). Other questions will revolve around reliability, work ethic and attributes relevant to the position. Honesty, confidence and availability to work are also important to receive consideration with 99 Cents only stores. Although you are not considered to have long-term plans with the company, you will not have many chances to advance within the company if you aren’t thinking seriously about it.  Positions are available for full time and part time positions.

Body language is another thing that you should be aware of during the job interview. Whenever you answer or are asked something, you should look the hiring manager in the eyes. Eye contact exudes confidence and honesty. Keep your body language to a minimum, but maintain a composed posture. These are all the things you need to know to ace your 99 cents only interview session.

Frequently Asked 99 Cents Only Interview Questions

Now that you’ve got the basics about the interview process, let’s take a look at the frequently asked 99 cents only stores interview questions. You can find interview answers on career forums.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work for 99 Cents Only?
  3. How would you encourage clients to return to the 99 stores?
  4. How long are you planning on working here?
  5. Are you available on weekends? How about holidays?
  6. What previous experience do you have in the retailing industry?
  7. Do you know what the company logo means?
  8. What do you think are the most important qualities of a 99 Cents only store employee?
  9. What would you do if one of your co-workers was constantly late for work?
  10. How would you resolve a conflict between to co-workers?
  11. If a client would be displeased with your services, what would you do?

Official site: 99only.com

This concludes our guide for 99only.com job positions. Remember that the best way to prepare is to research about the company beforehand. Hiring managers will always appreciate if you demonstrate knowledge about the store’s traditions, history and vision. You may also encounter job ad for the company near your local store.

If you have any more questions you should check the guidelines on www.99only.com. If you do not receive consideration for a position within the franchise you should re-submit your application or follow-up with the stores. We are confident that the above tricks will help you nail your 99 cents only stores application. Good luck!

Link to 99 Cents Only Stores’ Career Site

To access the 99 Cents Only Stores Online Application directly, click here.

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