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App Developer Description

Have you ever wanted to make your own computer or phone app? Have you thought it was beyond your scope of knowledge? Think again. You can become an app developer, it just takes studying in a few key areas.

Does the idea of learning to be an app developer seem just as impossible as being a rocket scientist? Well, it isn’t as hard as you think. The benefits will amaze you and outweigh any time you need to give to learning this new career path.

What Is an App Developer

An app developer is someone who creates applications for devices or computers. These apps make it easier for the user to navigate around their electronic device. They have the knowledge to tell the computer exactly what functions you want to do and put it together on an app.

Before we can really understand what an app developer is, we must learn the language that is used within this area. Words like coding, Swift, and XCode, to name a few, are Greek to those of us who are not developers. Studying the language of an app developer will help you understand their job and the process. Certainly, you will see it is someone that goes to the trouble of entering in key information to create exactly what will help us find what we are looking for. That is the basic job of an app developer.

The Language of the App Developer

Apple or Android

There are two operating systems that you might already be aware: Apple and Android. If you are using an Apple device, you would use Swift as your language and XCode as your software to create the app. But if you are creating an app for an Android, then you would use Kotlin as your language and Android Studio as your app software.

What is Coding?

When computer programs were first developing, they were made by typing lines of code. It was a special language a developer knew that would tell the system what it wanted within the program or application. For instance, if you wanted your text to be aligned there is a special code or language that you type in with words and symbols that tells the computer how you want to align your text.

But nowadays, there are computer programs you can use that already have the coding within it. So there is not a lot of the actual coding of the past to do. There are a lot of programs out there to use, so find the one that best fits your design needs. These are easy to navigate through and are what is used today to make all kinds of apps.

Benefits of Becoming an App Developer

Man using computer to develop an app

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Now is the time to be an app developer. There are many opportunities and it will continue to grow as technology does. Some benefits are:

Increasing Demand

With a new phone coming out every day, it seems there is no fear of technology suddenly stopping. The market is expanding, and that means the need for apps will as well. The number of apps made in 2017 was around $78 billion. There were around 250 billion apps that were also downloaded that same year. So, the need has not diminished in the slightest. In fact, it is predicted that it will double in the next couple of years. This is no surprise given cell phones and computers are now commonplace.

A Creative Outlet

You might not think this, but being an app developer is a very creative job. You are designing an app and there are no restrictions on how to do so. The client has given you what they need, and you are now able to put it together and show off your skills.  This is a great way to work and it will be a job that you will want to do every day.

Freelance or Employee

If you are working on your own as a freelancer, then you can literally work from anywhere. This is a huge plus for no commute, no set hours, and being your own boss. Being an app developer gives you time for yourself and lets you create the schedule that works for you and meets your financial needs.

However, should you work in a company atmosphere, there is a chance you can also have this type of freedom. Your boss might not need you to be there every day working at your desk. Take a moment and go over this with them and see what can be worked out.

Earning Potential

This is definitely one of the benefits we all need. There is money to be made in this job. The level of experience is the key to higher salaries. Longevity pays off big when you stick at it.

Up to Five Years of Experience

The US alone pays an annual salary of around $75,000 if you have up to five years’ experience. If you live in the UK or France, it’s around $40.000 and in Canada or Germany, it’s $50,000.

Five to Ten Years’ Experience

It goes without saying that the more you stay in this field the better your salary. If you live in the US, the annual salary is between $100,000 to $112,000. Outside the US in France or UK it is $50.000 and in Canada or Germany, it’s $50,000.

Over Fifteen Years

The US pays an annual salary of around $124,000 for its app developers that have been in the industry for over 15 years. No other country compares to this.

Easy to Learn

If you want to become an app developer, now is the time to learn. With so many ways of doing so, you are sure to find the one that works for you. Going to school is an option should you wish to get employed within a huge company. Others might just want to learn on their own and create the next big app. You must learn all you can no matter what path you choose. It isn’t that once you are a developer; you stop studying. There are constant changes and you must stay in tune with them.

How to Become an App Developer

Hands pressing the touch keyboard to work as an app developer

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There are certain skills other than your degrees that you need to be aware of. It isn’t enough to know the technical side of being an app developer; you must have other skills that will help you make it in this field.   

Ability to Communicate Well

Being able to talk to people that you are working with and your team is vital. They need to be able to share ideas with you and vice versa. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it can be overlooked as important when you are staring at your computer for most of your job.

Think Analytically

Being able to think analytically will help you determine what needs to be done to meet the needs of your clients. Mapping it out and finding the best solution even when under pressure makes a good developer into a great one.

Working with Others

The adage, “there is no ‘I’ in team” fits perfectly here. You must work well with others and be able to take criticism and advice. You’re gathering up ideas, opinions, and solutions with this team so it is a good idea to learn how to work well with others.

Problem Solver

You must be able to solve problems that come up and not let anything hang up the project. This is an area you will develop as you gain more experience under your belt.

Be Creative

It seems odd that in a technical job, one would need to be creative, but it is part of it for sure. When something unexpected comes up in the process, you must be able to think of other ways to go around it. In addition, the process of designing an app is a creative one, for you are developing something from once there was nothing.

Detail Oriented

You must be one that remembers to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. You must pay specific attention to each and every part of the app process and not leave anything out. It is like fine-tuning a machine, all parts must work together for it to run smoothly.

Good Customer Skills

In some areas of a company or if you’re working on your own, you will have customers to deal with. They are the bread and butter to your company. Without them, you wouldn’t be working there. Always keep your customer service skills in check.

Keep Learning

The industry of app development is constantly moving forward and expanding. This applies as well to your own knowledge of the industry. You must keep learning the new developments and stay up to date with the changes.


Manager congratulates her male employee because of the company's success in developing applications

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Becoming an app developer is something to seriously look at, especially nowadays in this fluctuating economy. We live in a world where our cell phones and computers are our livelihoods. As technology has expanded, so have we. There is almost an app for everything we do and if there is not, there soon will be. If you want job security, being an app developer will give you that. You will always be in high demand and that will be perfectly fine for you financially as well.      

Jamba Juice Job Application


Employees at Jamba Juice have been preparing delicious and nutritious menu options for almost 30 years. They use plant-based ingredients without added sugar to offer healthy choices to their customers. If you want to work at this exciting restaurant, visit your local mall and complete a Jamba Juice job application.


Working at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is an employer that hires people as young as 16 years old. Most Jamba Juice locations are inside of shopping malls or large grocery stores, so their hours are based on those locations. Jamba Juice needs team members during the hours of 6:30 AM and 9 PM.

Before applying, you should know what position you want. There are several choices on the local Jamba Juice job application, including:

  • Team member
  • Shift leader
  • Assistant manager
  • Store manager
  • Regional manager

Jamba Juice Gives Back

jamba juice workers wearing a fruit costumes

Image source: flickr

Jamba Juice might be known for its healthy smoothies and menu items, but the company dedicates time and money to fitness. It gives to the Team Up for a Healthy America program to provide athletic equipment to the kids who need it the most. You can also learn about healthy living through the Jamba Juice blog.


Available Positions at Jamba Juice

jamba juice store soft opening

Image via flickr

Jamba Juice locations hire employees to fill several types of positions. Most people work with food preparation and customer service.


All employees at Jamba Juice are on their feet during their shifts, so it is helpful to be in good health and have some stamina. There are also positions to be had at the corporate level. They include supply and distribution as well as call center positions.

Jamba Juice hires managers to oversee stores in various regions, but those jobs are at the corporate headquarters in Texas. The majority of Jamba Juice jobs are at the smoothie shops around the US and the world.

Team Members

Master Of Blending Arts

Shift Leads



Tips for Applying

If you are interested in working for Jamba Juice, you should fill out a Jamba Juice job application at your local restaurant. When you do this, you should show that you are positive and upbeat and fit the Jamba Juice way of life.


If you have any prior experience working in restaurants or in customer service, be sure to showcase that on your application. While Jamba Juice has several entry-level positions, having some experience separates you from other applicants. 

Managers call candidates within two weeks, so it can be helpful to call or stop in to chat with the manager before the two weeks is up. If you make a call or stop in for a chat, you should do it during slower hours, not on busy weekends and evenings. Be polite and friendly when you speak to any employees at the location.

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Panda Express Job Application

The largest Asian restaurant chain in the United States is Panda Express. The restaurant is best known for its delicious orange chicken as it defines the blend of the US and Asian cuisine. The restaurant chain was once only found in mall food courts, but now new stand-alone locations are popping up all over the country and in Latin America. 

Working at Panda Express

group of people eating on restaurant

Image via

Before completing a Panda Express job application, you should know what the company expects of you as an employee. Most locations are open from 10 AM until 9 PM Monday through Saturday, with shorter hours on Sunday, usually 11 AM until 6 PM. Some location hours are predetermined by their sites, like shopping malls, sports arenas, and airport terminals. 

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Panda Express. When you complete your Panda Express job application, you should know what position you would like. Your choices include: 

  • Team member
  • Store manager
  • Recruiting assistant
  • Dishwasher
  • Prep cook

Most of the positions at Panda Express are entry-level and part-time, but the restaurant does have some full-time jobs available, too. The ideal candidate for full-time or part-time work needs to learn quickly, work quickly, help customers, and keep a clean kitchen. 

New hires usually work as team members who work directly with customers. They greet guests and prepare their orders. They also do cleaning tasks in the kitchen, dining area, and restrooms. Busy times are stressful, and top employees stay calm and focused during meal times. 

Panda Express is an excellent place for young employees to gain work experience. But, the restaurant also offers opportunities for advancement. Management likes to promote employees that have shown loyalty to the brand. 

There are benefits available for part-time and full-time employees at Panda Express. Everyone receives meal discounts as well as paid training and time off. Managers and full-time employees receive more benefits including

  • 401K retirement plans
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Salary options
  • Stock options
  • Employee perks
  • Scholarships and college reimbursement
  • Bonuses

If you want to complete a Panda Express job application, do it on a restaurant team member interview day. During these days, management at local restaurants expects to see interested candidates and talk to them that day. You can fill out an application at the restaurant or online through the corporate website. 

Available Positions at Panda Express

woman in black crew-neck t-shirt standing near counter

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If you are interested in working at Panda Express, you can apply for several different positions. While there are corporate positions open at their main office in Rosemead, CA, the majority of jobs are at the over 2000 restaurants around the US and the globe. 

Most employees who work in the restaurant spend most of their working hours on their feet, so they should have some stamina and be in good general health. Most employees also work with customers at some point during a shift, so employees with friendly dispositions are highly desirable. 

Team Member

The most common position at Panda Express restaurants is the team member. This entry-level position is responsible for working with customers by taking their orders and running the cash registers. Panda Express pays between $8 and $10 per hour to team members. Team members should be at least 16 years old and have some high school completed. 

Kitchen Team Member

man wearing white dress shirt

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Since Panda Express is a restaurant, kitchen team members are important. Panda Express trains its kitchen team members to prepare high-quality food that meets safety standards and the precise flavor that guests expect at every visit. 

Kitchen team members have to work in a fast-paced environment while being in an open kitchen setting. Customers can see them preparing food, so kitchen team members also have to work with customers occasionally. Panda Express expects candidates to have some high school education and a local food handler certificate.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager works with the store manager but is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Assistant managers train new employees, and they work closely with guests. They also track the financial targets. With benefits and pay, they can make over $50,000. 

Store Manager

woman facing on white counter

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Managerial candidates who complete Panda Express job applications should have some leadership experience working in an office, restaurant, or store. Managers’ responsibilities include creating schedules, hiring employees, and maintaining safe working conditions. The annual salary for restaurant managers at Panda Express is over $60,000.

Recruiting Assistant

This is a corporate position that works with human resources experts. They are the first people who work with new hires as they prepare them for their early days of work at Panda Express. Candidates should have a college degree in a related field. Panda Express pays recruiting assistants a healthy annual salary of around $75,000.  

Tips for Applying

man looking at white digital device

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You can check for open positions at Panda Express’s website: Panda Careers. There you can look for jobs in your area or the corporate office. You can search for specific positions or locations that are near you. 

Applicants can fill out the online application after creating a username and password. However, if you want to work at a specific location, you can fill out a form there, too. You should bring your resume and a cover letter to the site to show that you are interested in the job and you have a professional work ethic. Add a personal note to an online application, too.

To show that you care about getting the job, you should check back a few days after you have submitted a completed application. Hiring managers like to see potential employees show initiative. If you are not able to stop in, then give the manager a call to ask about the status of your application. 

Whether you stop in or make a call, you should try to make a conversation with the manager. Therefore, only call during slow hours, not during busy lunch or dinner times. The manager will want to hire you if you can make small talk and build rapport. 

Choreographer Description

Do you like to dance? Are you good at putting movements together? It might be time to look at a new career path and become a choreographer. Not everyone can dance, but those who can have a great opportunity to make money at it. While you might not be the next star on a popular TV show, in time, you could be the next famous choreographer. It might be time to finally score that job that also serves as your passion.

Choreographer Career Overview

Dance Choreographer

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Before you can decide if this is the job for you, it is important to understand what a choreographer does. These amazing artists create dance routines for a variety of clientele including:

  • Musicals
  • Ballets
  • Marching bands
  • Singing artists

Choreographers put together dance routines to music and stories. It can be for a new music video or for the purpose of creating some new moves to an old classic. Whatever the need, they sketch out the routine and spice it up. These are talented people who love to express different genres of music in different ways.  

It goes without saying that going into this field requires you to know about movement and how to relate it to music. It is necessary to have some dance experience under your belt, but you can learn more as you go.

Skills, Training, and Qualifications

Choreographer doing street dance

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There are skills you must have to become a choreographer. Most were once professional dancers and know a thing or two about being in the spotlight. They have been on the other side of the curtain and can use that experience to help their clients. This is a vital skill for pursuing this area of work, but there are other important skills in this profession.

Communication Skills

Having the ability to communicate to the audience through dance is not enough. A choreographer must also be able to talk with the client and assess what they need. This skill will prove beneficial in brainstorming with the directors as to the timing of movements in the routine.


Knowing how to work with people and teach them isn’t something everyone can do. This requires patience and understanding towards others. A good teacher can show various ways of learning something and adjust it so that everyone gets it.

Researching Skills

A good choreographer knows how to research various dances and put together a unique routine that fits the show. Knowing how to find out information on new moves or find other performances that might be similar is key to creating the dance needed.

Keep Your Body in Shape

silhouette of woman dancing ballet

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This isn’t a job you can sit back and watch others do. It is one that requires you to be an active participant in ways such as demonstrating dance moves to dancers. You must also stay in shape and continue to learn new dances. Being fit will allow you to show the routines and keep up with those you are teaching.

Training Needed

The training for a choreographer typically starts at a young age, usually early childhood. People who become choreographers have taken dance classes when they were younger and then attended a dance school. Some also get their training by getting a degree in Dance and Musical Theatre. While these are both a good start nothing compares to learning in the field. It often helps to work with someone already in the field, in addition to your studies. Being an assistant will not only provide you with experience but may also get you noticed.

Qualifications Needed

people dancing on street at daytime

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The real thing that choreographers need is a background in dance. This is necessary to create and properly show the new routines. The training you have should correspond with the area of dance you want to get into. There are a lot of different areas you can study, and it is best to know a bit of each, so you are more versatile as a choreographer. Some areas to know are ballet, jazz, dramatic and modern dance.

As with any job you want, it is important you arm yourself with all the knowledge and experience you can. You are going up against others who also want to be a choreographer, so you want to make sure your skills outshine theirs and get you noticed. Having a degree is unnecessary, but can get you in the door sooner.

Career Path and Salary

two women and man standing inside room

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Because this is a job where having a degree is optional, it is essential you gain as much experience as possible. This can be done a variety of ways.

Join Your Local Theater

Join a theater group in your community. This will not only help with adding to your experience but possibly get you some valuable connections to help move you up in this field.

Go to Recitals

Being a choreographer is like being an actor who is trying out for a role. Going to dance recitals will help you show off your talent. You will also meet a lot of people waiting in line and have the opportunity to make connections with those hosting the recital.

Enter Festivals

There are a lot of different types of performers at festivals, and dancers are among them. Showing off your skills at these festivals can pay off, depending on who is in the audience. Either way, you gain experience and exposure for your choreography talent.


To get yourself out there and known, you must have tools that showcase your talent. Just as every artist needs a portfolio of their work, being a choreographer is no exception. Create a video of your work. Pull friends together to help you shoot your routine on a video. This will be your digital business card and get you noticed. It shows that you are a professional choreographer and want to get serious work.

Practice Makes Perfect

woman jumping near pillars

Image via

No matter what area you are looking to work in, it is important to keep your skill set sharpened. If you have not been hired as a choreographer yet, don’t wait around for the phone to ring. Get out and volunteer at places like local dance groups and dance theaters for children. Keep yourself active and practicing. You don’t want to be rusty when that call or opportunity comes in.

Search for Jobs

Don’t wait around for that perfect job to come to you. Put yourself out there and apply for ones on the internet. There are job listings online; you will have to do research to find them, but they are there. Go to sites like LA Casting or Actor Access, to name a few. You can also conduct your own search using "choreographer jobs" as the search term.

Remember Your Link

While we all carry business cards and one-sheets when we go to our interviews, this isn’t enough for a choreographer. You must be able to show your recent work. This could even include being asked to dance at an audition or interview. Most, however, will want to see what you have created for others you have worked with. This can be done with a link to the website of a company you have done work for. Bring that with you or put it on your business card or CV. It is a great tool that will save you time explaining how talented you are.


person holding fan of U.S. dollars banknote

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There is wide variation regarding salary for choreographers. On average, the annual salary is around $45,000. However, it is not uncommon for any choreographer to earn well above or well below this amount, depending upon the quantity and quality of jobs they have accepted.

Another area to look at is whether to join a union. Joining a union can provide benefits beyond salary. You might need this if you have a family to support. These benefits would include health and possibly retirement benefits. If you do not join a union, then you are on your own and will pay out of pocket for these.

When deciding what kind of employment you want to pursue, whether it is as a freelancer, a business owner, or an employee, you will put forth great time and effort when you're getting started. It takes a while to make a name for yourself so be prepared to exercise hard work and patience. The hours are often long and unreliable, but if you are doing what you love you won’t care.


women dancing near mirror

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Being a choreographer is a great way to enjoy your love for dance and show your talent of expression by creating dance routines and teaching them to others. People in this profession may not have the same physical skills and agility as dancers, but they have the creative vision to help dancers achieve beautiful works of art on stage and bring joy to the people in the audience. Dancers add beauty to this world and we definitely need more of that. Making a living by doing what you love is a luxury that many people don't get to enjoy, so if you have the opportunity to pursue your passion, take it!

Rehabilitation Counselor Description

Rehabilitation counselors are mainly involved in maximizing the employability and independence of people coping with vocational, social, and personal difficulties that emanate from accidents, diseases, illnesses, birth defects, and the stress of everyday life. A rehabilitation counselor is involved in coordinating activities for treatment facilities. They are required to assess the needs of clients and then design and implement rehabilitation programs that include vocational and personal job placement, training, and counseling.

If this sounds like a career you would like to pursue, perhaps you might be interested in knowing what requirements, including what education and certifications, you will need to practice as a rehabilitation counselor. That is exactly what this article covers. We will provide you with information on the career overview of rehabilitation counselors, the certification and educational requirements, and the career path and salary information.

Rehabilitation Counselor Career Overview

two woman chatting and facing each other

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According to the US Census Bureau, there are about 49 million Americans living with some form of disability. Of the total disability cases, it is estimated that about 24 million people are severely disabled and approximately 34 million have a functional inadequacy.

Disabilities include mental, social, emotional, and physical conditions that can limit an individual's senses, movement, or any major life activity. People who face these types of challenges will often rely on others for assistance and would benefit greatly from counseling and therapy, which can help improve their quality of life and increase their independence.

Professionals in the rehabilitation field typically work with persons with disabilities to help them develop skills, learn how to control their depression and anxiety, and learn how to reduce dependency for basic daily tasks. These problems can include transportation, mobility, chronic pain, unemployment, and basic care. The practice and goal of rehabilitation counseling are both similar to other professions including mental health, counseling, and psychology.

Rehabilitation counselors use tests along with other assessment tools to understand the problems their clients' face, develop management plans according to the specific type of disability, and use therapy so they can improve their clients' quality of life.  

Importance of Rehabilitation Counseling

Doctor pointing at tablet

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As opposed to what some people might think, nearly every person can be a contributing and productive member of society, including those with disabilities. However, some people may need guidance, therapy, and counseling for them to become more independent. Rehabilitation counseling is vital as it helps people with disabilities forge a path to independence. It also reduces strain on the government and other resources.

Duties and Responsibilities

Woman talking to each other

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Rehabilitation counselors evaluate the interests, abilities, experiences, health, skills, and education of their clients, providing group and individual counseling to help them adjust. They also locate resources that can allow their clients to work and live more independently, such as teaching them how to use different computer programs or providing them with wheelchairs.

The counselors are also involved in helping persons with mental, emotional, developmental, and physical incapacities live without relying on others. They help them manage and effectively deal with psychological, social, and personal impacts of their incapacities so they can enjoy the freedom of not having to depend on others to do daily tasks. Rehabilitation counselors interview clients to determine what they can do and what their limitations are. They then implement an individual therapy and counseling plan that will help them become more independent.

The counselors usually come with individualized treatment and disability management plans for clients, typically by consulting medical professionals such as therapists and psychologists. They help employers comprehend the abilities and needs of disabled people and understand the legal implications and resources that may be required.

Additionally, these counselors make it possible for clients to obtain services, including career training and medical care. They also help their clients work through several types of problems that may be holding them back in life. In many instances, solving the right problem may be the avenue to solving other small issues. Rehabilitation counselors help solve problems during counseling sessions by setting goals.

Attaining set goals is a big part of rehabilitation counseling, but the main goal is for the clients to live independently. This is often achieved by setting and working towards several small goals. For example, rehabilitation counselors work with an individual with limited mobility so they can gain access to transportation. This small step is vital for them to run their errands without the need of someone else's help, such as finding and keeping a job which makes them more independent.

On top of all that, counselors advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities so they can work and live in a community, they help clients in developing their strengths so they can positively adjust to their limitations, and they maintain client records and monitor the progress made by clients in adjusting to their treatment or wheelchair plan as necessary.

Vital Qualities

  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Listening skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Compassion

Work Environment

In 2016, as BLS reported, there were 119,300 jobs in the field. Top workplaces included community and vocational rehabilitation services, state government, nursing and residential care facilities, and self-employment.

Certification and Educational Requirements


Man wearing black polo shirt on white chair

Image via

Rehabilitation counselors need a master's degree in the field of rehabilitation counseling. Through the master's programs, students learn methods of evaluating clients' needs, how to find jobs for those who have incapacities, and comprehend how disabilities affect the psychology of patients. Students are required to obtain hands-on experience, mainly via internships or by working under a licensed counselor.
Most employers prefer hiring candidates with a bachelor's degree in rehabilitation programs. However, bachelor's degree candidates need to further their education to the master's level to amass more experience. Those who have graduated with a bachelor's degree learn about people's mental issues, disabilities, or injuries they experience and learn how to cope with them from a psychological point of view. They also learn about what medications can be of help. In some institutions, they have an option to combine the bachelor's and master's programs, which takes about 5 years.

Licenses and Certifications

graduation diploma

Image via

Counselors need to have state licensure for them to practice in their respective states. Each state has different requirements that one should meet before earning licensure. So you will need to check with your state to know required for you to be licensed. Licensure of counselors typically requires a master's degree and supervised clinical experience of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Counselors must also pass a state-recognized examination. Additionally, they need to maintain their license by completing continuing education.

Counselors may also specialize in a niche, so we recommend that you engage the licensing board for more accurate information on specialization areas. Counselors must also obtain the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification, which is offered by the Commission of Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Rehabilitation counselors are also required to meet work experience, advanced education, and supervision criteria and pass the necessary examinations. They must renew the license 5 years after completing continuing education and passing re-examination.

Job Outlook and Salary

Job Outlook

The number of jobs for rehabilitation counselors in 2016 was 119,300. According to the BLS, the job outlook for counselors is anticipated to grow by 13 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is faster compared to the average rate of all occupations. This translates to an additional 15,100 jobs within the same period.

Counselor demand is anticipated to increase since most people are growing old and need rehabilitation services. Also, those with disabilities and veterans who have been injured in war will need rehabilitation services. Those who are old are more likely to get injuries, and counselors are required to help them learn new strategies that can help them live independently.

Aside from working with those who have been injured during military service, counselors will be also needed to work with individuals with autism, those abusing drugs, and people with learning disabilities. Lastly, more jobs will be created owing to both job growth and counselor replacement.


fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

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According to the BLS, the median annual salary for rehabilitation counselors was estimated at $34,860 in May 2017, with the lowest 10 percent earning less than $22,040 and with the highest 10 percent earning around $62,780.


People on counseling

Image via

Rehabilitation counselors usually work with people who have disabilities (including physical injuries) to build skills that promote independence and an ability to cope with anxiety and depression. They are involved in evaluating the interests, abilities, experiences, health, skills, and education of clients, providing group and individual counseling, developing treatment plans, making it possible for clients to obtain services. They help clients in developing their strengths and maintain client records to monitor their progress.

Counselors should be patient, compassionate, and have good communication, listening, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. Counselors should get a license from a state licensing board after getting a master's degree and gaining clinical experience (between 2,000 to 4,000 hours). Their salary is about $34,860, but it may rise or fall based on their experience, location, and the industry. We hope that this article has adequately addressed the career overview of rehabilitation counselors, the certification and educational requirements, and the career path and salary information.