Freds Application

Fred’s Application

    Employment At Fred’s

With over 600 locations in the southeastern United States, and 320 Pharmacy locations, Fred’s is a chain of general discount stores that is well known for great prices on the things people use and need everyday.  Directly in competition with stores like Discount Dollar, Dollar General and even Walmart, Fred’s has established itself as the small town discount place that looks to stand out from it’s competitors by offering pharmacy locations, seasonal garden and lawn centers, and continues to offer tobacco products.  Stocking over 12,000 commonly used products and offering customer perks such as customer appreciation day with super bargains three days a month to build and keep a loyal customer base that makes their competitors pale in comparison. The first Fred’s opened in 1947 in Coldwater, Mississippi, and in 1953, the corporate headquarters was moved to Memphis, Tennessee where it is currently located.  With a Fred’s application, you can become part of a team that is like a family and intensely community oriented.  Fred’s employees participate in functions for charities such as the United Way and The Children’s Miracle network, returning to the community that supports its existence.  Fred’s has a strong financial base and has shown steady growth throughout its history with the exception of some setbacks during the recent economic recession.  Fred’s has come out of the recent economic crisis even stronger and continued to grow, opening more stores and looking for good people to complete the application and become part of their growing team of employees.  Fred’s takes pride in the generous benefits and salaries they offer to employees both full and part time and is a great place to work if you are a team player and looking to fit in with a community.  Filling out the company application will open the door to great rewards and career opportunities.

Fred’s Online Job Application

To find the Fred’s online application, visit their website on the careers page (see link at the bottom of page) and follow the instructions for the desired position.  The Fred’s employment application requires you have a resume to either upload in the stated format, or copy or paste to the provided space.

Minimum Age for Employment at Fred’s

The Minimum age for employment at Fred’s is 18 years old for all entry-level positions.  Because of the experience and education requirements of other positions, especially managerial, it is most likely as an 18 year old you will be qualified only for an entry-level position.

Fred’s Hours of Operation

Fred’s is open 7 days a week, Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Entry-Level Fred’s Careers and Income

Fred’s is looking for a many good people to fill continually opening positions at the entry level and offers a starting hourly pay of $10 to $11 an hour, a generous amount over the current minimum wage earning level, with the opportunity to increase at regular intervals with excellent employee performance.  Completing the application for Fred’s for an entry-level position will get you in the retail business at this bargain basement discounter from the ground up in a company with the opportunities for advancement and continued education.  Entry-level positions open with Fred’s application form consist of store clerk, stockers, customer service and other positions that are key in the smooth operation of each store.  Applying for an entry-level position can get your foot in the door and get you started on a career path with a company that has a long standing history.

Fred’s Careers in Management

Management positions at Fred’s are available at the stores and pharmacies and excellent solid Fred’s careers choices with the starting salary running between $35,000 and $40,000 annually, depending on experience and position.  Retail Management positions are plentiful at this time at Fred’s due to recent growth and the opening and planned opening of many new locations.  Management positions are open to employees who started with Fred’s at the entry level and are encouraged for employees looking for the stability of a salary and benefit compensation package.  With on-the-job training and education, entry-level employees are encouraged to strive for management positions as they will be competent in all levels of operation of Fred’s stores and pharmacy locations.  Pharmacy and pharmacy technicians are important team members and an integral part of the Fred’s pharmacy family.  Pharmacists are considered a management position while pharmacy tech is a position that requires some experience and training.  Check the job listings for openings and carefully read over all the requirements as they may vary depending on the pharmacies particular needs.

Basic Tips for Applying at Fred’s

You can complete the Fred’s application online or on paper and present it directly at the store in order to present yourself in person, which is an excellent way to separate yourself from other applicants and may give you a better chance of obtaining employment at Fred’s.  Online, from the careers page, you can choose either store or pharmacy options and be taken to a list of open positions that Fred’s needs to fill. You have the option to view all the available openings for the Fred’s regional area or you can narrow it down by state and specialty. Once you find a position you are interested in, click on the title.  Read the directions carefully, fill out all required information fields and make sure before uploading your resume or pasting it into the provided field you have ensured it is free of errors.  Every little step taken to complete the application correctly is another step closer to the opportunity for employment and a career with Fred’s

Advanced Tips for Applying at Fred’s

When completing your online job application, be sure that you read all the requirements for the positions.  While you have the ability to post your resume to a general area for viewing by the employer, this should only be done if you are unsure of the position you wish to apply for and are willing to accept any position that Fred’s believes fits your particular skill set after reviewing your employment application, education and experience. If you are interested in a specific position and do not see it listed, make sure you note it on the Fred’s job application form when you post your resume to the general posting area so that it can be noted.  You may be able to obtain a different position and then transfer to the desired position after working for a few months, or if the position opens up sometime in the future.

Benefits at Fred’s

Fred’s offers a generous compensation for both its full-time and part-time employees.  All employees have flexible scheduling, paid time off, salary competitive with industry levels and a friendly low-stress work environment.  Full-time employees qualify for additional benefits of health, medical and dental insurance coverage, 401(k) retirement plans and paid sick time and vacation days.  Completing the Fred’s job application successfully can have you employed with a company that cares about its employees like a family.  Fred’s believes it is important to have plenty of time with your own family and will work to offer a flexible schedule that allows you plenty of time to devote to other pursuits, an important factor to know before submitting a Fred’s application for a job.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Fred’s

When completing a Fred’s application online for employment, you should also take the time to look through the company’s website, clicking all the various links about its history, mission, vision and community and charitable contributions and learn as much as you can about the company you want to go to work for.  If the Fred’s application form successfully earns you an interview with Fred’s, you will present as a motivated future employee with interest in the company you want to work for.  Some interesting facts about Fred’s that you should know:

  • Fred’s is a strong supporter of the community and partners with such charities as the Children’s Miracle Network and the American Cancer Society.
  • Fred’s Vision: A smile on every customer’s face.
  • All locations that have a pharmacy offer free blood pressure screening and blood sugar testing as well as different health screenings throughout the year.
  • Fred’s is committed to customer service and loyalty and continues to finish before its competitors in sales, even Walmart in some places.
  • Fred’s return policy does not require a receipt.  Merchandise can be returned at any time for a full refund if not completely satisfied.
  • Fred’s Smartcard allows customers to earn points, then redeem them on Fred’s cash for special deals and discount savings.
  • Fred’s is an official sponsor of the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple A Baseball team of Memphis.
  • Fred’s has it’s own brand of baby products such as Fred’s diapers and formula.
  • Fred’s is a regional chain with a strong presence that is managed like an independent community pharmacy and takes pride in the ability to provide personalized consistent care to its customers.
  • Fred’s is located in 15 states in the southeastern and Midwestern United States.
  • Included in its over 600 locations are 24 franchise locations.
  • Fred’s has two major distribution centers, one in Memphis, Tennessee and one in Dublin, Georgia, the site of the original Fred’s.

Fred’s Application Final Thoughts

To access the Fred’s Online Application directly, click here.

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